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Centre Information

Key Information to be aware of: 


We are open Monday to Friday 8.00am-4.30pm (the latest arrival for pick up is 4.25 pm). The service is closed for Public Holidays and for 2 weeks during the Christmas/ New Year period (dates provided nearer the time) NO charges apply during these closures.


To enrol at our service, you will be required to complete an enrolment form and provide a Birth certificate and immunization record. If your child is not vaccinated that is also okay, we have a separate form for you to sign!!


The service offers permanent bookings and casual bookings by the hour or day. All bookings must be made in advance and confirmed with a staff member either by phone or email. please note an Enrolment and Orientation process is in place to ensure all children settle in before being left with us for care. This means we are not able to offer last-minute care to children that have not attended before. 


-bookings can be made half-hourly, hourly, or daily.

We also have a number of different session options, please check our fee structure section for the current options.

-if bookings are hourly parents MUST ensure they arrive to collect their child on time, As we often have back-to-back bookings. 


Cancellations for bookings can be made up to 3pm the day prior to care* and you will NOT be charged. cancellations made after 3pm will result in being charged for what was booked. This applies to casual and permanent bookings as well as swaps and extensions/shortenings. 

*for bookings that fall on Mondays, these cancellations must be made by 3pm the Friday before or you will be charged for what was booked. 


We have a very strict sickness policy. and we will not accept children that show signs of sickness into our centre. please ensure you keep your child away from the centre if they are unwell. 

If your child has been sick with vomiting or Diarrhoea within the previous 24 hours, they are required to stay at home and a medical clearance may be requested. 


The centre closes at 4.30pm, we require parents to arrive NO later than 4.25pm to ensure belongings can be gathered and Educators can give a run down of the day and pass on messages. if you are running late please ensure you notify the centre via phone. charges apply as follows:

$10 for the first minute

$2 per minute thereafter

this is PER child. 

if parents are regularly late, care will be capped to an earlier time. 

Your Child's First Day

a little bit of information on what to expect.

The first day of daycare is a bit of a mixed bag of emotions. not only for the child. but for the families as well! here is some information to make it as smooth as possible. 


each child will need a bag with the following belongings for their day:

-one piece of fruit for our fruit bowl


-nappies/spare undies

-comfort item (if they have one)

-drink bottle filled with water

-packed lunch (please no nuts or egg)

-spare clothes 


The first thing you will do is sign your child into the service. we will show you on your first day what the process is. when you drop your child off we always encourage the parent to say goodbye and make it a positive experience. sometimes we have a few tears and sometimes children run off exploring straight away, every child is different. if we feel like your child isn't coping we will call you and discuss slowing down the process to better suit your child. 


we understand that you might want to check and see how your little one is going. Please feel free to call or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. if we have any questions or concerns we will call you straight away. if the Educators have time we often send a few photos of your child throughout the day just to give you peace of mind that they are okay.


when you arrive to collect your child at the centre, we require you to sign your child out. this will be shown to you by a member of staff. you are then able to go into the room or garden your child is in and collect them. an Educator will have a chat to you and pass any messages on. belongings will be in the room and information regarding the day will be displayed on the board.  

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